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3 years ago I was surfing on a Sunday and I hurt my back. I couldn't even bend over, I was in so much pain. I decided to seek out chiropractic therapy. I looked up chiropractors in Oceanside where I live. I called about a half dozen places none of which were open. I finally was able to reach someone, that someone was Dr. Bloxton. I told him my situation, and he happen to be close that day too, but on his day off he said can you be at my office in 20 minutes, I answered yes. Which show me he cared . I was a little skeptical of the chiropractor, I was in so much pain that day he didn't even crack me or adjust me, he put me on electrical stimulation and gave me a 10 min, deep tissue massage. I have had 10 years of back problems, and I feel like Dr. Bloxton healed me. He's not just a normal chiropractor, he really evaluates issues and address is an as needed. He is not just your average chiropractor he goes over and beyond. He doesn't just lay you down unrelaxed and adjust you. He lays you down for a couple of minutes with relaxing music and he leaves the room while heating up massage oil. Comes back in the room and gives you the most amazing 8 to 10 minute massage, stretches your back, and then I just you know whole process takes about 15-20 minutes. If you're a surfer and do heavy labor like I do, this is your guy. If you have Kaiser it's only $10 co-pay. And all honesty this guys made my life a lot nicer. Less painful and more enjoyable. Thanks for reading my review, let Dr. Bloxton work wonders for you. He did for me!!! #10stars if I could!!

Patrick B

I have been to numerous chiropractors over the many years. I can safely say Dr. Bloxton is my favorite. The adjustments are excellent and I always walk out feeling much better then before. I was injured when I first started seeing Dr. Bloxton and now after only about a month of visits I am close to feeling 100% back to normal! He is a friendly guy and I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

Charlie S

I use to work for Cox Communications as a field technician for over 5 years.  Due to climbing poles and connecting cable lines, I began having back issues to the point I couldn't bend down to even stretch or pick anything up .  My wife seen me in pain everyday and she made an appointment for me to Bloxton's office.  He was very friendly and professional.  He first gave me a massage and an adjustment that quickly relieved me of pain.  For three years now I have been going to Bloxton's office.  I have recommended him to my family and friends.

Shevin C

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