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Dr. Russell Bloxton, D.C.

I am a native of Oceanside, California, and I have been living and working in North San Diego County since 1958.


  • San Marcos High School, Class of 1976 

  • Palomar College graduate – Pre-professional biology, biochemistry  1984-1988

  • Los Angeles College of Chiropractic; Summa cum laude graduate-Doctor of Chiropractic, 1990-1994; LACC Dean’s list - Honors graduate; Delta Tao Alpha - Honors Graduate 



I have been in private practice since 1995. My experience includes alternative medicine while managing Boney's Marketplace in Vista from 1988-1991. I gave nutritional advice and consultations using diet management, vitamin/mineral, botanical medicines (herbs), homeopathy and sports nutrition.

After completing my doctorate in chiropractic in 1994, I practiced in San Marcos with Dr. Pobran and in Vista with Drs Golia at the Alternative Medicine Center. I opened Bloxton Chiropractic Center in Oceanside on December 1st, 1995 and have been the senior clinician since that time. My practice includes family wellness, sports injuries, personal injury (auto accidents), worker's compensation and I have been a provider for many health insurance companies since 1995.
I have treated Back pain, neck pain, joint pain affecting the extremities, headaches and sciatica. Treatment specialties include: gentle chiropractic adjustments, massage, physical therapy modalities and therapeutic exercises.

I am a professor of life sciences. This background gives me a significant understanding well beyond that of most of my contemporaries in chiropractic of the human body. I have taught the following classes in my career as an educator:

1. Human anatomy. Anatomy is the study of the structure of an object, in this case the human body. Human anatomy deals with the way the parts of humans, from molecules to bones, interact to form a functional unit.

2. Human physiology. Physiology is the study of how the human body functions. A central goal is to understand the unifying concept of homeostasis in physiology. The major systems I have taught are: Nervous; Muscular; Circulatory; Respiratory; Renal; Endocrine and Reproductive along with several others.

3. General Biology. This course is an examination of living organisms and their environment. The lecture and laboratory are intended for students planning on taking more advanced courses in the Life Sciences, or students majoring in Education, Child Development, Physiological Psychology or related areas. Topics include the fundamental chemical and physical processes common to all living organisms, the interactions between organisms and their environment, classical and molecular genetics, metabolism, plant and animal anatomy and physiology, animal behavior, evolution, cellular and molecular biology, and the experimental and cognitive processes used to examine these fields.

4. Biology and Chemistry for Pre-professional Health care Candidates. The basic principles of biological systems including the chemistry of life, cell structure and function, energy transfer, reproduction, and genetics as relative to those individuals entering into the health field such as nurses, technicians and even pre-doctoral candidates.

5. Human Genetics. It is the intention of this class to introduce the student to the basic concepts of genetics.  These concepts will include-- but are certainly not limited to:  the cellular influence on genetic disorders; analysis of patterns in genetic disease; chromosome abnormalities, multifactorial diseases and single gene effects on a cell, organ, individual, family and population; DNA and gene function; the genetics of cancer and the future of genetics in the treatment and detection of disease.  This course will introduce career avenues in genetics and will help all students become informed consumers of their own and their family’s health care.

6. Massage Therapy. My students studied anatomy and physiology, massage fundamentals, business and success skills, and health and wellness. I also taught plenty of hands-on experience learning fundamental massage techniques.

7. Clinical Neurology. I am a continuing education instructor for the California International Chiropractic Association where I instruct classes in Clinical neurology.

I have been employed at the following institutions and currently teach at Miramar college.

  • Instructor, Maric College/Kaplan University
  • Instructor, California International Chiropractic Association 
  • Adjunct Professor, Palomar Community College
  • Adjunct Professor, Miramar College
  • Adjunct Professor, Cuyamaca College
  • Adjunct Professor, Mesa College

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